Healthcare Credentialing Services



    We provide an array of services & automated solutions, to suit the industry type and their particular needs. Our range of solutions, cater services for the private health institutions, the public sector, the insurance industry and the IT support service industry, each of which directly influences & enables the healthcare system of the country.


    HEALTH INSURANCE SECTOR: Insurance claim credentialing services, Client verification services, Provider network credentialing systems, 'Outsourced service provider' assessment systems.

    PRIVATE HEALTHCARE SECTOR: Entity based credentialing & screening for payer authorization, Medical infrastructure surveillance solutions.

    PUBLIC HEALTH SECTOR: Multidimensional program based screening solutions

    HEALTHCARE IT SECTOR:Domain expertise needs

    Insurance claim credentialing facilitator

    Client verification facilitator

    About Us

       We are a DIPP certified organization, and our domain experts work closely with CFEs trained by the ACFE, an international body dedicated to tackle and mitigate fraud across all sectors. We provide services which emerge out of protocols and guidelines set by regulators in the industry. Our resources parallel those of other players across the globe, with similar missions and motives.

    “The LONGER a fraud lasts before it is detected,the MORE the victim organization loses.”